CBMS-based vulnerability mapping guides local government responses to climate change

Akhmadi , Rahmitha , Yudi Fajar M. Wahyu
Governance & Decentralization, Social Protection
Externally Published Content, March, 2013, Final
Source: CBMS Network Updates 10 (2), March 2013, Pages 1-8

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Results from the Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS)–Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA) research initiative dubbed “Support for Local Governments for Environmental Management in Southeast Asia Project” highlight how vulnerability mapping can help improve local government responses to climate change. The research results suggest that CBMS provides relevant information, such as information on infrastructure, technology, health facilities, institutions, economic conditions, and access to basic services, which complement other climate change-related data. Together, these data can be used to come up with the climate change vulnerability index (CCVI)

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