2019 Annual Report


Annual Report, November, 2020, Final



Throughout 2019, SMERU continued to demonstrate its commitment to contribute to policymaking and improvement of stakeholders’ understanding of the importance of a more inclusive as well as research-based policymaking. In response to the trust given to SMERU by various ministries/government institutions and development partners, SMERU has delivered several policy recommendations on issues such as rural development, more inclusive economic development, livelihood development for Family of Hope (PKH) beneficiaries, stunting reduction and prevention, and increase of access to quality education.

This year marks the end of the period for the implementation of SMERU’s 2015–2019 Strategic Plan. Successes and failures during these five years have become an invaluable experience for SMERU in preparing its 2020–2024 Strategic Plan. The plan is directed toward continued strengthening of our contribution to the achievement of an equitable development in support of the poor and other marginalized citizens.

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