Child Poverty and Disparities in Indonesia: Challenges for Inclusive Growth

Widjajanti Isdijoso, Armand Arief Sim, Deswanto Marbun, Hariyanti Sadaly, Hastuti , Robert Justin Sodo, Rachma Indah Nurbani, Rahmitha , Umbu Reku Raya, Vita Febriany, Yudi Fajar M. Wahyu
Children, Adolescence & Youth, Poverty & Inequality
Research Report, July, 2013, Final


The cover design of this report was inspired by the Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities, a multi-country initiative to leverage evidence, analysis, policy and partnership in support of child rights. The overlapping, multi-coloured frames symbolize the national, regional and global contributions to the Global Study, which form the basis for exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge on child poverty.

The design encapsulates three central tenets of the Global Study: ownership, multidimensionality and interconnectedness. Ownership: Although children’s rights are universal, every country participating in the study has its own history, culture and sense of responsibility for its citizens. The analyses aim to stimulate discussion and provide evidence on how best to realize child rights in each country. Multidimensionality: No single measure can fully reflect the poverty that children experience.

A multidimensional approach is therefore imperative to effectively understand and measure children’s well-being and the various forms of poverty that they experience. Interconnectedness: Today’s world is increasingly interconnected through economic, social, technological, environmental, epidemiological, cultural and knowledge exchanges. These exchanges have important implications for child poverty – and can also help provide avenues for its reduction. Equity: The Analyses aim to influence policies that reduce disparities, in order to protect the future of children living in poor, vulnerable households, unsafe circumstances, and/or disadvantaged communities.


Research Team:
Widjajanti Isdijoso (Coordinator), Armand Arif Sim, Deswanto Marbun, Hariyanti Sadaly, Hastuti, Justin Sodo, Rachma Indah Nurbani, Rahmitha, Umbu Reku Raya, Vita Febriani, Yudi Fajar

East Sumba:
Hastuti, R.Justin Sodo, Parkit Handono, Tony Umbu Sunga, Maria Helena, Klaudia T. Sorywutun

North Jakarta:
Rachma Indah Nurbani, Yudi Fajar, Deswanto Marbun, Ratna Dewi, Ronald Sendjaya, Chrissanty Widya, Nur Aini Talib, Hariyanti Sadaly, Novita Maizir

English Editors:
Jane Patten, Stephen Girschik

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