Developing E-Learning Platform and E-Learning Materials for Training Modules

Team Member: Hastuti
Completion Year:
Governance, Institutions, and Decentralization, Poverty & Inequality

Collaborating Partners

Project Donor/Funder: KSI-DFAT


Description & Progress


SMERU has had several request to conduct trainings on basic research, policy advocacy as well as poverty reduction analysis. If SMERU put more thoughtful efforts into these trainings and modules in a commercial manner, it maybe turns out to be a promising income stream.


To develop an e-learning platform and e-materials from the Modules developed in previous funding period, ready to market.


There are several concurrent activities in this regard:

  • Finalizing a training Module on Strategy for Bridging Research to Quality Policy (Module 2). The development of Module 2 was also financed by KSI. Module 2, however, has not been reviewed by external experts and publicly trialed. In this grant period, the draft module will be externally reviewed by 3 independent reviewers to gather further inputs to ensure high quality of modules.
  • Piloting the module on a 2‐day face‐to‐face training of 10 participants (if possible, applying strict health protocol) to gather inputs from them to finalize the module.
  • Scouting for trainers including talent mapping, workload analysis and ToT. For this activity, we planned to be assisted by HR consultant.
  • Developing website to host the e‐learning (or procure a service of a well-established e‐learning platform).
  • Creating digital content on Module on Poverty Reduction Policy Analysis (Module 1). We will be hiring content creator for the module to feed into the e‐learning platform. Upon successful creation of e‐materials and e‐learning platform for Module 1, we will replicate it with Module 2 and conduct trial sessions for the module.

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