Developing a Module on “Advocating and Communicating Research Results for Policymaking”

Team Member: Akhmadi , Ulfah Alifia, Rendy Adriyan Diningrat
Completion Year:
DKI Jakarta
Governance, Institutions, and Decentralization

Collaborating Partners

Project Donor/Funder: KSI-DFAT

Project Counterpart: PUSAKA LAN 



Description & Progress


Since SMERU has accumulated knowledge from various studies and policy engagement activities, it is important to share it with relevant stakeholders in a more systematic way in order to increase awareness, knowledge and skill in using research-based evidence to support the formulation of public policy as well as increasing the roles of non-government actors in supporting pro-poor and inclusive development.



As a continuation of previous effort related to module development (i.e., a module on poverty analysis, as part of the support for LAN’s training for policy analysts), SMERU will also develop a new module on “Advocating and Communicating Research Results for Policymaking”.

This module will be a useful tool to provide training sessions for those who are interested to use research as the basis for policy advocacy.



This module will contain practical approach to conduct policy engagement using research results to policy makers and relevant stakeholders. Using approach similar to the poverty analysis module, this new module will be developed with the assistance of module developer (copy editor) that will work around six months and a module designer that will work for around two months. This new module will be tested in 2020 and will hopefully be ready for full training implementation in 2021.

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