Dissemination and communication of SMERU’s Covid-19 Research to government and other stakeholders (CSOs, academics, private sectors, and general public)

Team Member: Hariyanti Sadaly, Mukti Mulyana
Completion Year:
Economic Policy, Poverty & Inequality, Social Protection

Collaborating Partners

Project Donor/Funder: KSI-DFAT


Description & Progress


It is pivotal that research results and findings are disseminated and communicated to relevant stakeholders through various channels. Appropriate approaches to communication and dissemination of research can enhance the potential impacts of research to policymaking, raising awareness of general publics, civil society organisations, private sectors and academics. In this proposed project, SMERU will undertake 5 activities to disseminate and communicate the results of SMERU’s research to raise awareness of the stakeholders.

SMERU will explore various strategies and channels of communications to effectively reach different stakeholders. We will use conventional methods to reach policymakers such as through distribution of policy briefs and reports, seminars, public event, and discussion forums.  We complement this conventional approach by writing journal articles targeting academic communities, using social media channels and digital contents targeting the youth, as well as website contents directing for the general public.



To enhance the impacts of SMERU’s research through targeted dissemination and communication of research findings.



We target policymakers, CSOs, academics, private sectors, and the general public through the following channels:

  1. Forum Kajian Pembangunan (FKP) 2020 (4 seminars)
  2. Development of communication materials: journal articles, infographics, policy brief, and its digital content

We plan to write 7 quality journal articles which will be reviewed by copy editor, 7 infographics to be outsourced, 7 policy briefs to be printed and some digital content which will be developed by content creator for 2 packages

  1. Participation & presentation in seminars/public events/forums/conferences
  2. Communicating to the general public
  • Fulfil the invitation as author/contributor from another institution or media,
  • Social media communications, including digital platform such as podcast
  1. Website updating

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