Improving Student Performance in Public Primary Schools in Developing Countries: Evidence from Indonesia

Daniel Suryadarma, Asep Suryahadi, Sudarno Sumarto, F. Halsey Rogers
Children, Adolescence & Youth, Education
Externally Published Content, January, 2007, Final
Source: Education Economics 14 (4), January 2007, Pages 401-429

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This paper investigates the correlates of student performance in mathematics and dictation tests among schoolchildren in Indonesia. This is the first such study to use a new nationally representative sample of Indonesian primary‐school students. Our dataset includes unique data on teacher absenteeism collected through direct observation, the first ever in Indonesia. We find that teacher absenteeism is indeed a significantly negative correlate of student performance, while quality of school facilities predicts better performance. We also find a significant non‐monotonic concave relationship between the pupil–teacher ratio and student’s mathematics performance. Finally, we discuss the policy implications of the results.

Keywords: Achievement, absenteeism, primary school, public school, Indonesia, 

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