Jaringan Peduli Anak Indonesia (JPAI) Public Discussion: "Prevention and Handling of Violence in the School Environment"

Catarina Meliana Girsang, S.H, S.E., M.H
Edi Suharto, PhD
Ir. Yosi Diani Tresna, MPM
Susanto, M.A
Lara Fridani, Ph.D


Child abuse is a common form of violation against children's rights. The many forms of child abuse such as bullying, harassment, and sexual abuse show how vulnerable children are. Data from KPAI (Indonesian Child Protection Commission) reveal that there were 3,820 cases of child abuse in 2015. In addition, KPAI’s monitoring and evaluation report in nine provinces states that 91% of children are victims of violence within their family, 87.6 % in schools, and 17.9 % in the community. Furthermore, the report also says that 78.3 % of children—having been victims of abuse in the past or having witnessed abusive actions—have become abusers themselves. 

The data also suggest that schools are among the locations in which children are highly vulnerable and are not completely safe from violence. This condition arouses great concerns considering that schools are supposed to play a significant role in children’s positive character building since early age. Another thing that requires serious attention is the fact that a lot of schools have not been equipped with a standard mechanism that is integrated with initiatives for preventing and eliminating violence undertaken by cross-cutting institutions and actors in education ecosystem.

To respond to the plan devised by the Ministry of Education and Culture to propose the draft of Presidential Regulation on Prevention and Eliminating Violence in Education Institutions, there needs to be an integrated effort toward synergetic cross-sectoral regulations, mechanisms, and programs. 

Therefore, Jaringan Peduli Anak Indonesia (JPAI) and the SMERU Research Institute held a public discussion that is aimed at facilitating the effort toward fostering cross-sectoral collaboration in order to improve and strengthen child protection system in Indonesia.

Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 , 09:00 - 16.00 (GMT+7)
The SMERU Research Institute, Jl. Cikini Raya No 10A, Jakarta.
Contact Person: Nuning Akhmadi , nuninga@smeru.or.id

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