Mother and Child Health Research & Policy Engagement Related to Covid-19

Team Member: Rika Kumala Dewi, Maudita Dwi Anbarani
Completion Year:
Indonesia, Sulawesi Selatan, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Jawa Timur
Children, Adolescence & Youth, Food & Nutrition, Health

Collaborating Partners

Project Donor/Funder: KSI-DFAT


Description & Progress


The declining of socioeconomic state caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 has put forward more challenges for the government to response to the crisis. These challenges need to be addressed appropriately to ensure that they are pro-poor and equitable. During the last semester, the government has introduced various schemes to address the emerging issues. Nevertheless, these initiatives need to be critically reviewed so that the government are well-informed and receiving valuable inputs on the effectiveness of their programs to improve future programs.

SMERU, having had the experience to conduct research on socioeconomics issues during the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis and 2008/2009 Global Financial Crisis, is offering itself to conduct studies related to socioeconomic aspects of COVID-19 in 3 areas including economics, social, and mother and child health. These studies, if informed accurately to the government, are believed to beneficial for future policy making process that are pro-poor and inclusive. For this reason, SMERU has identified key stakeholders at the national level, which will vary according to the specific studies that undertaken. These key stakeholders at the national level includes relevant ministries and institutions, which will be specified in the following paragraphs. Furthermore, SMERU will also work closely with regional governments. Through KSI’s previous funding and other arrangements, SMERU has been able to establish strong relationship with 7 provincial governments that SMERU has worked with in the past. This long engagement will be beneficial to be carried forward in this initiative. The 7 focus provinces are: DKI Jakarta, West Java, East Java, South Sulawesi, Bali, NTB and NTT.



The objective of the study is to understand the impact of COVID on Nutrition and MCH services.



The study will be done through data collection and policy engagement activities during September 2020 until June 2021. It involves secondary data collection and analysis, in-depth interviews with Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, and Bappenas, as well as provincial governments. The result of this study will be valuable to anticipate the potential deterioration of mother and child health services during COVID-19 pandemic, and develop measures that is needed to mitigate and minimize the negative impacts during pandemic as well as measures needed to be taken during recovery period.

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