Moving Out of Poverty: The Case of Gura, Kabupaten Halmahera Utara

M. Sulton Mawardi, Akhmadi
Poverty & Inequality
Maluku Utara
Field Report, December, 2006, Final


SMERU Research Team:
Sulton Mawardi, Akhmadi

Field Research Team:
Ervan A. Kadir, Nurdewa Safar, Syahidussyafar



The selection criteria for research locations for Moving Out of Poverty (MOP) in Indonesia uses two main variables: the level of conflict intensity and level of economic growth. The village of Gura in Kabupaten Halmahera, in the Province of Maluku Utara, represents the sample area with a high conflict intensity and high economic growth. Based on these two variables, the MOP research focuses its study on specific questions, including: 1) how and why are there groups of people that can increase their prosperity or move out of poverty; 2) how and why are there groups of people that are still trapped in poverty; and 3) how and why are there groups of people who tend to fall into poverty.

In general, this study shows that the people of Gura face complex problems. In the context of community and individual prosperity mobility, this complexity is a result of the interaction of various factors, such as economic, social, and other factors related to conflict. The community in Gura responded in different ways to the presence and direction of change in these factors. Some are able to adapt and take advantage of the changes that took place, and some appear to be astonished and have just started to adapt. Others appear not to be doing anything, or resign themselves to the fact that they have been left behind.

Keywords: poverty, democracy, conflict, governance, livelihood.

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