Multidimensional Child Poverty

Team Member: Cecilia Marlina
Children, Adolescence & Youth, Poverty & Inequality

Collaborating Partners

Funding Body :

This study is funded by UNICEF under SMERU-UNICEF Program Cooperation Agreement (PCA)


Description & Progress

As a follow-up to the working paper on ‘Multidimensional Child Poverty for Children Under-5 Years Old’, this study provides an update and extends the analysis of children suffering multiple deprivations. This quantitative analysis is also able to further develop an Indonesian specific Multiple Overlapping Deprivations Approach (MODA), initiated by UNICEF.

It uses National Socioeconomic Survey (Susenas) data from 2013 to derive estimates of child deprivation, using a life cycle approach. A trend analysis of deprivation will be added by using Susenas 2008 and Susenas 2003. With the updated and in-depth analysis, the model is expected to improve the existing work on selecting deprivation indicators. There will also be a new focus on the overlap analysis between child deprivation and monetary child poverty. Accordingly, the study can produce a profile of children and also assess which deprivations are most likely to occur together. 


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