National Seminar: Sharing of LP2M UNHAS and SMERU's Socioeconomic Research

Wed, 05/30/2018

On 9 May 2018 SMERU collaborated with LP2M of Universitas Hasanuddin and BaKTI to organize a National Seminar: Sharing of Socioeconomic Research Results, as part of the Regional Development Forum series. The seminar is generally aimed at consolidating the results of socioeconomic research in South Sulawesi related to poverty and inequality reduction as well as regional development. In addition, this event also aims to improve the utilization of research results in the formulation of public policies, especially those on poverty and inequality reduction. The national seminar was attended by stakeholders in academic circle, regional government, donor agencies, nongovernmental organizations, research institutes, practitioners, experts, and other stakeholders in South Sulawesi, especially Makassar and other SMERU research sites.

The seminar was opened by Prof. Dr. Ir. Laode Asrul, MA (Head of LP2M UNHAS), Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA (Rector of UNHAS), and Dr. Asep Suryahadi (Director of the SMERU Research Institute). Then the plenary session began with a keynote speech by Sudarno Sumarto (TNP2K Policy Advisor) on the theme of "Improving the Quality of Research for the Formulation of Public Policy". The seminar was then divided into two presentation sessions, respectively on "Rural Development" and "Economic Inequality". Both sessions discussed the research conducted by SMERU and other organizations, including P3KM UNHAS.

The discussions came up with a number of recommendations, such as the need to (i) encourage the government to provide clear indicators of inequality at the kabupaten/city level, (ii) synchronize the national agenda and targets with those at provincial and kabupaten/city levels, and (iii) mainstream inequality issues into development plans and local government programs. In addition, recommendations are made to improve utilization of evidence in policymaking to formulate evidence-based inclusive policies.

SMERU also had an exhibition of research-related posters, photos and videos during the Regional Development Forum and Research Sharing Seminar. Through this exhibition participants are expected to have a more personal discussion with the SMERU researchers on the study results presented in the exhibition and exchange ideas on various socioeconomic and public policy issues, particularly in South Sulawesi.

We invite you to visit SMERU's website to access seminar materials, such as presentation documents (.pdf) and seminar videos through this link:

If you would like to view the photo documentation during the seminar event, please visit the SMERU Research Institute's Facebook page (

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