NGO Database

SMERU manages Indonesia's most comprehensive online database of national and regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Currently, there are almost 3,000 NGOs in the database, which provides information on the NGOs’ name, address, contact person, vision, mission, legal form, activities, and sector. It includes NGOs located in Jakarta as well as in other provinces all over Indonesia. You can search the NGOs by province or by sector.

This database was first developed as a tool to help SMERU contact and communicate with relevant national and regional NGOs, and to ensure that our research findings reach civil society. Although SMERU is not providing direct assistance for NGO activities, it aims to strengthen the role of civil society in the process of evidence-based public policymaking by widely disseminating information on SMERU’s activities and research results to NGOs.

The database has now developed into an invaluable resource that facilitates other institutions to contact and communicate with various NGOs all over the country, as well as those conducting research on NGOs in Indonesia. Our NGO Partnership Officer regularly updates the database based on feedback from the NGOs or by contacting them at random. It is currently only available in Indonesian.

Please contact Hariyanti Sadaly on if you would like your organization to be included in this database.