Niken Rarasati

Known as
Job Title
Senior Researcher

Rasti got her master’s degree in Social Cognition from University College London and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Universitas Gadjah Mada. 

Job Description

Rasti is a quantitative researcher for RISE (Research on Improving System of Education) Programme in Indonesia, specializing in psychometry, assessment, and experimental psychology. She leads the development of tools on student learning assessment, teaching and learning observation, and other tools for measuring attitude and behavioral aspects that possibly influence education and learning. In RISE Programme in Indonesia, she undertakes studies on what matter to improve teaching practices and learning outcomes.

Previous Experience

Prior to joining SMERU, she was a research officer for INOVASI, an Australian and Indonesian Government partnership in education and a research assistant at the Center for Indigenous and Cultural Psychology, UGM. 


In 2013, Rasti received a Jung Tae-Gon Asian Young Scholar Award by Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology for her research titled “Orientation and Attribution toward Happiness and Anger”. In collaboration with four other students from various countries in East and Southeast Asia, she received K.S. Yang Research Award for Asia and Pacific young researchers for their research project that examines whether cultural priming can reduce or increase the level of stereotype toward people from other tribes or religions. The award was given by the Asian Association for Social Psychology in 2014.