Tue, 05/26/2015









Quite often we use words like “smart” and “hardworking” to describe great people. However, they seem insufficient when we try to describe Sri Budiyati, our friend born in Surabaya 55 years ago.

Engaged with SMERU’s activities from the beginning, Sri Budiyati played a big part in its founding, and in the progression of SMERU to where it is today. Known as tenacious and patient in obtaining information from research participants, Mbak Budi—as she was known to her younger friends—was not only an uplifting colleague but also a teacher who did not hesitate in sharing her knowledge.

In her manner of being warm and polite to everyone, Mbak Budi had few equals. A friendly and calm smile was her soothing quality.

And that day, we had to let you go. Your final smile was a sign of parting, and you left to meet almighty God. Bowed over in sadness, we could only pray while stating in recognition: you were a good person.

Remembering you... Honoring you... Farewell, Mbak Budi.

May we follow your example.

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