Professor Hal Hill's Public Lecture at The SMERU Research Institute

Thu, 08/30/2018

The SMERU Research Institute is honored to have Professor Hal Hill (Australian National University) on 27 August 2018 as he gave a public lecture on "Half a Century of Indonesian Economic Development: Trends, Conjectures, Questions".

Prof. Hal Hill is the H.W. Arndt Professor Emeritus of Southeast Asian Economies in the Arndt Corden Department of Economics, Crawford School, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. His main research interest is the economic development of Southeast Asia. He serves on various boards and committees, and is a frequent lecturer on various aspects of the Southeast Asian economies. He has advised and consulted to the Australian Government, the Indonesian Government, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and various United Nations agencies. He is a member of the editorial board of 14 academic journals.

The event was attended by 72 participants, consisting of alumni of ANU as well as representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Australian Embassy, Presidential Advisory Council, Presidential Staff Office, etc.

On the occasion, Prof. Hal Hill highlighted that Indonesia has shown moderately strong economic growth in the last 50 years, but about 2% point slower growth since 2000. There are some major changes in economic development, such as the switch of drivers of growth from industry to services. The focus of agricultural policies also turned to strong pro-agricultural productivity under Soeharto era. Since then, policies have been more about price interventions and rents.

Visit SMERU’s website to access presentation documents (pdf). If you wish to see photo documentation of the seminar, go to The SMERU Research Institute's Facebook page.

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