Regional Development Forum / Forum Pembangunan Daerah 2021

Completion Year:
Jawa Timur
Economic Policy, Health, Poverty & Inequality, Social Protection

Collaborating Partners

Project Donor/Funder: KSI - DFAT

Project Counterpart: East Java Provincial Government and Airlangga / Trunojoyo University


Description & Progress


In order to ensure policy engagement at the regional level, SMERU needs to devote efforts to engage with the provincial government. SMERU’s previous engagements with local governments have proven to be effective and should continue to be flourished. In maintaining SMERU’s relationship with the provincial governments, SMERU commits to the following:

  • Be present in the region, as SMERU realizes the opportunities for SMERU to provide capacity building for subnational governments and to support them in evidence-based policy formulation through direct engagement.
  • Inform the local governments on the data that was collected and analyzed from their respective regions to support evidence-based policy formulations.

For the past years, SMERU had successfully organized such annual event aiming to facilitate policy dialog on socioeconomic issues and trigger policy and academic discourse using research-based evidence produced by SMERU and other research/academic institutions in select provinces. These events were organized in collaboration with local government and local universities/NGOs. Such events were previously held in Surakarta (Central Java Province), Mataram (NTB Province), Makassar (South Sulawesi) and Bandung (West Java). There has been a plan to conduct FPD in East Java in 2020, however, due to COVID-19 which delayed the preparation, the event has been postpone to the first semester of 2021.

SMERU intends to conduct Forum Pembangunan Daerah (FPD) in East Java in 2021, where it will collaborate with Trunojoyo University and/or Airlangga University to conduct this event, and to ensure local ownership. The theme of FPD 2021 is Social-Economic Recovery of COVID19.



Facilitating policy dialog on socioeconomic issues related to COVID-19 and trigger policy and academic discourse using research-based evidence produced by SMERU and other research/academic institutions in selected provinces.



The plan is to organize a 2-day event. The first day will be co-hosted with East Java Provincial Government and inviting around 150 participants, distinguished speaker at minister level and approximately 3 other speakers (echelon 1 level) from central government ministries, sub-national government from other provinces or districts, experts and academicians. The second day will be co-hosted with the university and inviting at least 100 university lecturers, students, research institutes and NGOs in and around Surabaya and other districts nearby. The event will invite 5 presenters from universities, research institutes and NGOs, and 2 moderators.

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