The Research of Five Indonesian Campuses is the Best is Asia 2015

Wed, 07/01/2015

JAKARTA – Five Indonesian universities are have been recognized having submitted the best research articles according to the Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) – Ideas Ranking 2015. In Indonesia alone, as many as 104 institutions are registered with RePEc.

The following are the universities from across Indonesia which and the best article or research journal which was including in the RePEc-Ideas ranking as of May 2015.

  1. Universitas Padjajaran

The Faculty of Economics, University of Padjajaran (Unpad) achieved a score on 3.44 with 32 writers and articles having been shared as many as 31 times.

  1. University of Indonesia

The Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (UI), with a score of 1.58 with a total of 29 authors/researchers and journals which have been shared as many as 24.5 times.

  1. SMERU Research Institute, Jakarta

The SMERU Research Institute, Jakarta, was given a score of 1.98 with three authors and three publications.

  1. Universitas Gadjah Mada

Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) scored 9.6 and recorded three three journal articles that have been cited seven times.

  1. University of Surabaya

Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Surabaya, with a score of 12.06, with articles by three researchers that have been shared three times.

Aside from the five Indonesian universities that received recognition from the 2015 RePEc –Ideas ranking, a number of research organizations also received the same accolades.

Among others, the Centre for Economics and Development Studeis, Economics Faculity, Unpad; the Jakarta office of the World Bank; the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) and the International Centre for Applied Finance and Economics (InterCafe) IPB).

“Publications are looked at in terms of their number, and impact. Impact is how many times it is cited by someone else,” explained the Director for the Center for Economics and Development Studies (CEDS), Unpad,  Arief Anshory Yusuf, on Wednesday (1/7/2015) on the Unpad website.

RePEc-IDEAS itself is a economic research database which encompasses research articles, researchers, writers, and institutions. Up to now, the database lists no less than 1.7 millions articles from 45 thousand researchers from 84 different countries. Research articles consist of working papers, journal artciles, software components, chapters, and books.

In Indonesia, there are as many as 104 institutions that are listed with RePEc. Meanwhile, 42 research staff at FEB Unpad are listed, with hundreds of working papers and journal articles. 

It’s not only institutional rankings, at least three researchers from Unpad made the top 25% of authors in Indonesia. There are Arief Anshory in position 5, Armida Alisajahbana in position 12, and Arief Ramayandi in position 16. Arief Anshory is placed at number 146 for authors across Asia.

“I hope we can improve further.  The way to do this is by maximizing the number of publications. I also hope that other faculties with adopt a similar system. Because we were able to achieve this because we have working papers from a long time ago, which were integrated since the 2000s,” said Arief, who is also a lecturer and researcher at Unpad.

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