Reviving the Economy: The Impact of Public Activity Restrictions and the Digital Activities of MSMEs

Hafiz Arfyanto (Peneliti SMERU)
Veto Tyas Indrio (Peneliti SMERU)
Titik Anas (Staf Khusus Bidang Perumusan Kebijakan Fiskal Sektoral, Kementerian Keuangan)
Eddy Satriya (Deputi Bidang Usaha Mikro, Kementerian Koperasi dan UKM)

Public activity restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a contraction in the economy and employment situation in Indonesia. Various efforts have been made, including digital adoption in the micro- and small-scale enterprise (MSE) sector which absorbs a large number of workers. Is the internet helping MSEs to survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic? How can the government encourage MSEs to benefit more from the digitalization by overcoming disparities in MSEs' digital literacy and skills? The SMERU Research Institute will hold a policy dialogue on the impact of the public activity restrictions and digital activities of MSEs in order to revive the Indonesian economy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2021 , 09:00-11:30 (GMT+7)
Zoom Webinar
Contact Person: The SMERU Research Institute ,

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