Structural Transformation and the Release of Labor from Agriculture

Asep Suryahadi, Joseph Natanael Marshan, Veto Tyas Indrio
Economic Policy, Labor & Migration, Urban & Rural Development
Externally Published Content, February, 2018, Final


Our study on structural transformation in employment in Indonesia has been published as a book chapter by Asian Development Bank (ADB).
In chapter 4, title "Structural Transformation and the Release of Labor from Agriculture" we discuss the pattern of structural transformation in employment that has taken place in Indonesia. This is the first effort to reveal the pattern of employment transformation using IFLS survey. Using this dataset, we have generated matrixes of employment for 17-year period. The chapter also looks at both micro-level variables (e.g. individual or household characteristics) and macro-level variables (government policies, labor market indicators, etc.) that may influence people who move out to other employment sectors as well as those who stay in the original sectors. 

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