Training for Junior and Candidate Researchers at The Economic Research Center - Indonesian Institute of Sciences (P2E-LIPI)

Fri, 11/27/2015







On Tuesday, 24 November 2015, P2E LIPI invited two researchers from The SMERU Research Institute, M. Fajar Rakhmadi and Hafiz Arfyanto, to provide training on the introduction and data processing of the SUSENAS. The training was held on the 4th floor Meeting Room, P2E, Gedung Graha Widya, LIPI, Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav. 10, South Jakarta. 



The purpose of this course is to improve participants’ understanding of the usage of SUSENAS data in economic research and to demonstrate how SUSENAS data processing using statistical software is done. The participants include junior and candidate researchers, as well as a number of senior researchers, of P2E-LIPI.


The Content of the Training Course:

  1. Introduction of SUSENAS
  2. Classification of SUSENAS
  3. Differentiation of Individual and Household data
  4. Understanding the SUSENAS questionnaire
  5. SUSENAS data processing with statistical software

This training course is part of SMERU services to provide consultations, training sessions, and workshops in order to strengthen the role of civil society in the formulation and implementation of public and private sector policies. 

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