Ulfah Alifia

Known as
Job Title
Senior Researcher

Ulfah holds a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from Bogor Agricultural University. She then grew an interest in social issues and decided to pursue graduate studies in Communication Science at the University of Indonesia.

Job Description

Ulfah is a qualitative researcher, with an interest in issues on child and youth, family, minority groups, and health. As a qualitative researcher, Ulfah plays a role in the whole process of research, such as developing research design, leading data collection activities, and conducting data analysis and interpretation. During her years in SMERU, Ulfah has been involved in research on issues related to social protection, governance, health, and children.

Previous Experience

Before joining SMERU in 2015, Ulfah worked as a consultant at the Center for International Forestry Research (2012–2013), the Ministry of Forestry, and the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF). In addition, Ulfah has also published several nonfiction and fiction books during 2012–2015


Ulfah received a scholarship from Tanoto Foundation for her graduate studies at the University of Indonesia in 2011–2013.