Youth Development Index, Policy Brief and National Action Plan on Youth

Team Member: Dyan Widyaningsih, Ridho Al Izzati , Fatin Nuha Astini
Completion Year:
Children & Youth

Collaborating Partners

Project Donor:
UNFPA Indonesia

Project Counterpart:
Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency


Description & Progress


Government of Indonesia, under coordination of Bappenas, are currently developing national medium term development plan document (RPJMN) for period of 2020-2024 as well as its action plan.  Ensuring that the plans have significant attention on making investment for youth will be strategic for gaining positive development outcome during bonus demographic period. To monitor the progress of youth development resulted from the investment made for the youth, having an updated Youth Development Index is a need not only for ensuring the relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency of youth development policies and programs in improving the capacity of youth, but also for a purpose of determining targets of the future investment plan.



In general, to create a sound development plan in Indonesia. The results of this assignment is expected to provide a basis for advocacy for improving the policy environment, programs and directions on issues related to Indonesian youth development in 2020-2024. In specific, the objective of this assignment are to:

  1. Develop policy brief on youth intended for developing technocratic document of RPJMN 2020-2024
  2. Review the 2017-2019 National Action Plan on Youth Development and develop the 2020-2024 NAP on Youth Development
  3. Develop 2019 Youth Development Index


This assignment consist of three studies, each of which uses different methodology/ approach.


Policy Brief on Youth:

At the first stage, the policy brief will be developed through desk study involving literature and document review related youth issues, and descriptive statistics analysis of the latest available data, as well as various documents regarding government policies and programs on youth and their evaluation reports. Subsequently, consultative meetings with stakeholders will be organize for getting inputs on the policy brief draft.


Report on National Action Plan on Youth Development:

The National Action Plan Report on youth development will incorporate the actions of both state and non-state stakeholders. Qualitative approach will predominantly be used to develop this Report. Data and information are gathered through document reviews, interviews with Youth Related Ministries, and FGD with youths and non-government stakeholders.

After drafting the National Action Plan based on the information obtained from above mentioned steps, a consultative meeting (with stakeholders who have been consulted during data and information gathering stage) will be conducted to get inputs on the draft of national action plan report.


The 2019 Youth Development Index (YDI)

In addition to providing descriptive statistics of the YDI data at both national and subnational level, the YDI report will also provide an analysis regarding situation of demographic dividend at subnational level in Indonesia and address the variation of opportunities and challenges faced by each provinces.

Both quantitative and qualitative approach will be used for this study. Quantitative approach is utilized for producing the YDI data at both national and subnational (province) level—the data will be produced under a close consultation with Bappenas and BPS.  Meanwhile qualitative approach is exercised to explore factors and potential explanations behind the progress of YDI. Qualitative information will be gather at national level and at one case study province. At national level, there will be five series of FGD—each FGD for each dimension of YDI. At selected province, there will be 5 days field work for conducting interviews and FGDs with relevant stakeholders. SMERU team will work closely with Bappenas to design the interviews and FGD, and to determine the informants/ participants.

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