Our People


We have a dedicated team of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method researchers.

Senior Research Fellow


Publications and Information

Our publications and information staff bring a range of skills and expertise, including in publication, research communication, and information support.



Our management team ensures the quality of our work and makes sure that all research and the institute’s operation run smoothly.


Administration and Finance

Without our administrative, financial, and technological staff, SMERU would not be able to function.



SMERU's Trustees is responsible for the general oversight of the institute, supports SMERU’s vision and mission, and gives invaluable insights on internal and external matters.

Sudarno Sumarto (Chairperson) - Senior Research Fellow, The SMERU Research Institute, Jakarta
Syarif Hidayat (Vice Chairperson) - Researcher, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Jakarta
Gregory Churchill - Legal Consultant and Lecturer (Retired), Jakarta
Chris Manning - Australian National University, Australia
Ruth Stella Petrunella Thei - Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas Mataram, Lombok
Asep Suryahadi - Senior Research Fellow, The SMERU Research Institute, Jakarta



This group of specialists provide advice on research design and process, as well as the management of SMERU.

Boediono - Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta
Chris Manning - Australian National University, Australia
Gavin W. Jones - National University of Singapore, Singapore
Gustav F. Papanek - Boston Institute for Developing Economies, USA
James J. Fox - Australian National University, Australia
Lant H. Pritchett - Harvard University, USA
Mohammad Ikhsan - University of Indonesia, Jakarta
Solita Sarwono - Freelance Consultant, Wassenaar, Netherlands