16 May 2019

The SMERU Research Institute sadly lost Dr. Joan Hardjono (82 years), a member of Trustees and Advisors of Yayasan SMERU, who passed away in Jakarta on Monday, 13 May 2019. Joan held a doctorate in geography from the University of New England, Australia, in 1979. Since becoming a member of SMERU's Trustees and Advisors, Joan always emphasized that SMERU needed to focus on quality research in the areas of poverty, social protection, and employment. Throughout her career as an independent researcher, Joan encouraged many Indonesian social researchers to publish their research in international journals.

In 2012, Yayasan Obor published a book dedicated to Joan titled Land, Livelihood, the Economy and the Environment in Indonesia: Essays in Honor of Joan Hardjono. Joan's other published books include Indonesia, Land and People (1971); The Promotion of Unassisted Transmigration in Indonesia (1978); Transmigration in Indonesia (1977); Transmigrasi dari Kolonisasi sampai Swakarsa (1982); Land, Labor and Livelihood in West Java Village (1987, 1990); Pekerjaan dan Nafkah di Pedesaan Jawa Barat (1990); The Dilemma of Commercial Vegetable Production in West Java (1990). Her research on transmigration is still used as reference until today.

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