Rise and Fight: A Picture of the Small and Medium Enterprises

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

MSMEs are often considered the backbone of Indonesia's economy due to their contribution, which reaches 60.51% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Out of approximately 64 million MSMEs, around 98.7% are micro-scale enterprises, while the rest are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Although the share of the SME group is relatively small, their contribution to Indonesia’s GDP was 9.5% (small enterprises) and 13.6% (medium enterprises) in 2019. The SME group also has the potential to absorb more labor considering their larger scale of operations. Due to limited research on the SME group, little is known about the constraints, challenges, strategies, and support for developing this group, which may differ significantly from the constraints, challenges, and support for micro-scale enterprises.

Therefore, it is interesting to delve deeper into the issues and support SMEs need. The findings from this exploration can serve as a basis for developing programs and policies that support the inclusive and sustainable development of the SME group.

Moderator: Fadhila Maulida (Researcher, UKM Center FEB Universitas Indonesia)


  1. Wandira Larasati (Researcher, SMERU)
  2. Indah Agustin (Sleep Buddy) 
  3. Rossa Novitasari (Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises)
  4. Alfredo Setiabudi (Senior Vice President of Ads Solution, Tokopedia) 

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