Partnership and Collaboration for Inclusive and Sustainable Science, Technology, and Innovation

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Indonesia is committed to realizing the country’s ideals of improving people's welfare through sustainable development. The government has brought this commitment into reality by adopting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since 2015. Indonesia must increase its scientific research, technological skills in all industrial sectors, and product innovation to achieve this goal.

The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Center for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG), Article 33 Indonesia, Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of Regional Autonomy (KPPOD), Indonesian Center for Law and Policy Studies (PSHK), and The SMERU Research Institute collaborate to organize The Indonesian STI Policy Lecture Series II – 2022 themed “Inclusive and Sustainable Science, Technology, and Innovation”. The lecture will have six discussion series, and SMERU will host the sixth series, titled “Partnership and Collaboration for Inclusive and Sustainable Science, Technology, and Innovation”.

The sixth series will focus on inclusive science and technology and innovation partnership and collaboration initiatives in Indonesia to encourage sustainable development. This series will discuss two primary topics: (i) the concept of partnership and collaboration in science, technology, and innovation, and (ii) partnership and collaboration practices in science and technology development and inclusive innovation in Indonesia. This series aims to broaden participants’ insights into the dynamics of partnership and collaboration for science and technology and inclusive innovation that contribute to sustainable development.



  1. Dr. Budiati Prasetiamartati  (Policy Engagement Specialist, Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC)) 
  1. Dr. H. Emil Elestianto Dardak, B.Bus., M.Sc. (Vice Governor of East Java Province)  
  2. Dr. Sri Nuryanti  (Acting Director of Regional Research and Innovation Policy, BRIN)
  3. Dr. Heni Kurniasih (Institute Secretary, The SMERU Research Institute) 
Closing Remarks
  1. Dr. Ir. Dudi Hidayat, M.Sc. (Acting Director of Research, Technology and Innovation Policy Formulation, BRIN) 




13.30-16.30 WIB (GMT+7)
Zoom Webinar & Youtube Livestream

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