SMERU Learning Centre (SLC) Mini Workshop: Strengthening Regional Capacity in Eradicating Extreme Poverty

Thursday, February 24, 2022
(This webinar is only available in Indonesian)
The handling of extreme poverty in various regions in Indonesia is one of the government’s programs with the objective of lowering the rate of extreme poverty by 2024. Various parties, especially the subnational governments whose region becomes a priority in the handling of extreme poverty, need to undertake multiple efforts and strategies. SMERU Learning Centre (SLC), with the full support of The SMERU Research Institute (SMERU), is committed to lowering the rate of extreme poverty by developing a learning module called “Poverty Alleviation Policy Analysis”. Moreover, in an effort to disseminate the learning material to the public, especially policy analysts, researchers, and other stakeholders, SMERU organized a mini workshop with the topic of “Strengthening Regional Capacity in Eradicating Extreme Poverty”.
The workshop aimed at introducing the learning material about the policies to eradicate poverty and other materials, which anyone who is interested can learn via SLC. 
Specifically, the mini workshop was expected to : 
  1. introduce the learning material on poverty eradication that is applicable to regions in Indonesia with extreme poverty, and
  2. introduce SLC as an e-learning platform with the focus on socioeconomic research, especially on issues of poverty and inequality, as well as the utilization of the findings of the research to improve the quality of public policies.
09:00-11:30 (GMT+7)
Zoom Meeting
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The SMERU Research Institute
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