13 June 2023

Quarter-life crisis is a period of identity crisis in individual development in early adulthood or youth. However, many young people are not ready or prepared to become adults; that is, to become independent individuals with responsibilities and uncertainties about the future.

7 June 2023

A large part of the Indonesian economy is informal work. Sakernas 2021 data shows that there are 77 million informal workers out of 131 million workforce. Most of these informal workers are gig economy workers.

30 November 2022

SMERU collaborate with CIPPEC Argentine and GIZ Germany to further linked to the discussion on the Future of Work in Global South that aims to continuously support the existing efforts of the G20 countries after this year’s Indonesian Presidency in G20.

29 November 2022

The SMERU Research Institute seeks to raise discussions about the importance of promoting a more inclusive and fairer digital transformation in Indonesia by identifying recent trends and responses to the challenges, discussing gaps in policy and strategy, as well as generating future ideas/recommendation to support the digital transformation in Indonesia through the event of SMERU 2022 Policy Forum on Poverty and Inequality. 

17 November 2022

Indonesia is committed to realizing the country’s ideals of improving people's welfare through sustainable development. The government has brought this commitment into reality by adopting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since 2015.

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