Gender Equality, Disability, and Social Inclusion Friendly (GEDSI)

SMERU strives to mainstream GEDSI into all of its research and dissemination activities, as well as its work environment.

  • Gender Sensitive Research
    SMERU’s research methodology, instruments, and tools are now gender sensitive.
  • Research on Inclusive Economic Development
    SMERU supports inclusive public and private sector policy discourses on poverty and inequality reduction strategies.
  • Research on Vulnerable Groups
    SMERU conducts various research on the empowerment and protection of women and children.
  • Discourse on Disability
    SMERU maps the barriers in adopting disability-inclusive development in Indonesia and raises this issue in forums by involving people with disability as speakers and participants.
  • No Manels (No All-Male Panels)
    SMERU upholds the practice of selecting a gender-balanced panel of resource persons.
  • Gender-Inclusive Work Environment
    SMERU’s staffing is gender-balanced and equal opportunity is applied in the recruitment processes.


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