Jaringan Peduli Anak Indonesia


During 2010–2011, UNICEF and SMERU jointly initiated a national network of knowledge producers and users that have a special focus on children called Jaringan Peduli Anak Indonesia (JPAI). The main objective of the JPAI is to facilitate collaborations among its members in an effort to fulfill the rights of Indonesia’s children to live, grow, develop, and participate, and to be free from violence and discrimination. The JPAI network has continued to actively share information and provide capacity building sessions for its members through the social media.

In general, the JPAI aims to:

  • Increase the quality and quantity of research and evaluation activities and interest among network members
  • Strengthen network members’ capacity in conducting reseach and evaluation
  • Support efforts to improve network members’ capacity in conducting evidence-based policy advocacy


For more information, please visit www.jpai.freeiz.com

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