Knowledge Sector Initiative

The Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) is a joint program between the governments of Indonesia and Australia that seeks to improve the lives of the Indonesian people through better quality public policies that make better use of research, analyses, and evidence.  Overall, the KSI program contains four inter-connected pillars:

  • Research organizations producing knowledge and evidence that influence policies—referred to as the supply side of knowledge production
  • Policymakers who demand and use evidence in formulating policies—referred to as the demand side
  • Intermediary functions and bodies that translate, package, and communicate knowledge
  • The enabling environment—the policies, regulations, and procedures that govern how the supply and demand sides operate and interact.

The KSI program focuses on building capacities within all four pillars through a mix of dialogues, analyses, and investments in each area. Currently, the KSI is working with 16 selected organizations, including SMERU, (commonly referred to as KSI partners) which provide research as the basis for policymaking and have various research agendas and strategies.

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