Alia An Nadhiva

Editor and Translator

Alia joined SMERU in 2018 as the editor and translator for RISE Programme in Indonesia. She edits and translates all manuscripts produced by the Country Research Team of RISE Programme in Indonesia. She ensures the overall quality of RISE Programme in Indonesia’s documents and publications, and in particular the accuracy of all Indonesian/English materials as well as addressing issues related to writing style.

Alia also works with the Communications Section. She provides support to the development of the Institute’s communication strategy and tactics as well as their implementation. She also contributed to SMERU’s website improvement.

After graduating college in 2005, Alia became a journalist at a number of national women’s magazines, mostly covering health issues. In 2017 she worked as an editor and translator for the Evidence Summit on Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality project convened by the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI).

Universitas Padjadjaran - S.Sos., communications (majoring in journalism)

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