Asep Suryahadi

Senior Research Fellow

Asep is a SMERU senior research fellow whose role is to ensure quality research results and to encourage policymakers to formulate policies based on research evidence. This is carried out by acting as an advisor on research, writing research reports, publishing research reports in national and international scientific journals, contributing to building the capacity of researchers, contributing to quality assurance and quality improvement in research, providing advice and input on research proposals and other activities, assisting in the dissemination of research results, helping to influence policymaking with evidence of research results, as well as helping to maintain and strengthen relations with government agencies, national institutions, international institutions, and other stakeholders.

Prior to joining SMERU, Asep was a data analyst at the World Bank Office in Jakarta and a senior research associate at the Center for Policy and Implementation Studies (CPIS) in Jakarta.

Asep was awarded the H.W. Arndt Prize for the article “Minimum Wage Policy and Its Impact on Employment in the Urban Formal Sector”, published in the Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (BIES) Vol. 39 (2003). He co-wrote the article with Wenefrida Widyanti, Daniel Perwira, and Sudarno Sumarto. The H.W. Arndt Prize is given to the best article by one or more Indonesian authors published in the BIES each year.

Economic development, poverty, inequality, social protection, labor issues
Australian National University – Ph.D., economics
Pennsylvania State University – M.A., economics
Bogor Agricultural University (now IPB University) – B.A., Agribusiness

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