Budhi Adrianto

Head of Publications Section

Budhi joined SMERU in 2006 as an Indonesian and English editor and translator for the Institute’s publications.

In 2018, Budhi became head of the Publications Section and is responsible for overseeing the work of the editorial and design teams. He is also responsible for ensuring the overall quality of SMERU’s publications, including research reports, working papers, and policy briefs. During the preparation of publications, Budhi coordinates with SMERU researchers and other SMERU staff members.

As a senior editor and translator, he also ensures that Indonesian and English materials comply with SMERU’s style guide and use correct grammar, as well as manages issues related to substance.

Prior to joining SMERU, Budhi worked as an English teacher, test editor, and voice over talent for LBPP-LIA, as well as a freelance English translator.

S.T., computer science

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