Fitria Maharani Putri

Junior Librarian

Putri oversees the daily operation of SMERU’s internal library. She is responsible for providing library and research services for the Institute, as well as the maintenance of the library and its collections.

Putri processes incoming library materials, including SMERU’s publications, and collects media tracking data. She is in charge of the digitalization of library materials. In coordination with the ICT Officer, Putri develops and maintains databases to ensure a well-linked system of access and information storage.

Putri assists SMERU researchers by providing background information and obtaining data relevant to research being conducted and any other information requested by SMERU staff. She is also tasked with developing and maintaining the Daerah dalam Angka indexing system.

Before joining SMERU, Putri worked as a library technician at the Tangerang City Library Agency and Regional Archives and the Center for Human Resources Development of Geology, Mineral, and Coal (PPSDM GEOMINERBA).

Information Seeking, Librarianship
Universitas Padjadjaran - S.Hum., library science

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