Hesti Marsono

Deputy Director of Administration and Finance

Hesti is the Deputy Director for Administration and Finance. Her primary role is to oversee SMERU’s strategic and operational management. This includes managing all operations, including finance, accounting, project management, information and communications technology (ICT), human resources, and general affairs. She is responsible for harmonizing all of these operations to support and enhance the overall quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Institute’s administration and finances. She implements effective policies and procedures within the operations units and strives to ensure compliance with relevant regulations imposed. In terms of finances, she develops cutting-edge strategies, guides efforts toward stability, and continuously promotes growth to achieve the ultimate goal of financial sustainability for the Institute.

Hesti memulai kariernya di SMERU sebagai seorang staf akuntansi dan keuangan. Sebelum bergabung dengan SMERU, Hesti bekerja di Canberra, Australia, sebagai seorang staf manajemen aset di ACTEW Corporation.

Accounting for nonprofit organizations, budgeting, finance, grant management, investment management
The Hague University - M.Sc., accounting and controlling
Australian National University - B.Comm., accounting

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