Novita Maizir

Publications and Design Officer

Novi’s main role is to ensure that the quality of SMERU’s publications are of the highest technical standards. She is responsible for the design, layout, and the quality control of SMERU’s publication products.

Novi works in close collaboration with SMERU editors during all stages of production process of SMERU’s publications. She also collaborates with the Communications Section on the design of SMERU’s promotional materials.

Before joining SMERU in 2005, Novi spent over nine years working as a graphic designer in various national companies, such as a Toppan Sampoerna Indonesia, Enka Deli, Alcan Flexible Packaging, and Townland International.

Mercu Buana University - S.Sos., marketing and communication advertising
Akademi Teknologi Grafika Trisakti - graphics engineer

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