Latest Publications

December, 2024 | Ridho Al Izzati , Teguh Dartanto, Daniel Suryadarma, Asep Suryahadi
We estimate the impact of direct elections on people's trust in state and political institutions, using a major political reform in Indonesia as the source of exogenous variation.
May, 2024 | Nurina Merdikawati, Ridho Al Izzati
This paper investigates whether minimum wage policy played any significant role in poverty reduction in Java Island, Indonesia, between 2002 and 2014.
April, 2024 | Vita Febriany, Nina Toyamah, Ruhmaniyati , Lina Rozana
The study aims to examine the use and usefulness of BOS funds at the school level.
March, 2024 | Sylvia Andriyani Kusumandari, Dyan Widyaningsih
This poster presents SMERU's recommendations for the government in the context of post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery
March, 2024 | Jonathan Farez Satyadharma, Wandira Larasati
This poster showcases the cities and regencies in West Java that have the highest and lowest achievements based on the Child Welfare Index.