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This study assesses the effectiveness of improving knowledge and practice in infection prevention measures, equitable demand for vaccination, and reducing vaccine hesitancy.

Study on Business Environment in Postconflict Regions: The Case of North Maluku

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Description & Progress

The primary objective of this monitoring study was to provide timely feedback to improve or modify the ongoing program and the expansion of the program.






This study intended to provide an initial assessment on its early implementation, focusing mainly on maternal and child health (MCH) issues, in an attempt to provide policy recommendations at the national level.

A Rapid Appraisal of The Implementation of the 2005 Direct Cash Transfer Program in Indonesia: A Case Study in Five Kabupaten/Kota

Research Team


Sudarno Sumarto

Nina Toyamah, Syaikhu Usman, Bambang Sulaksono, Sri Budiyati, Wenefrida Dwi Widyanti, Meuthia Rosfadhila, Hariyanti Sadaly, Sufiet Erlita, R. Justin Sodo, Sami Bazzi



Moving Out of Poverty: The Case of Gura, Kabupaten Halmahera Utara

The selection criteria for research locations for Moving Out of Poverty (MOP) in Indonesia uses two main variables: the level of conflict intensity and level of economic growth. The village of Gura in Kabupaten Halmahera, in the Province of Maluku Utara, represents the sample area with a high conflict intensity and high economic growth.

Seeking a Way Out of Poverty In East Java, North Maluku, and West Timor

The study explores the community’s understanding of the condition of their welfare and the experiences associated with the ups and downs of welfare. This report was written based on various reports generated in the two studies of Moving Out of Poverty carried out by SMERU. The main focus of the study is on the movers group, the group of people who managed to improve their welfare, both those who managed to move out of poverty and those who have not yet been able to do so.

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