North Maluku

March, 2023 | Ana Rosidha Tamyis, Asep Suryahadi, Lia Amelia, Aisyah Putri Mayangsari

This study assesses the effectiveness of improving knowledge and practice in infection prevention measures, equitable demand for vaccination, and reducing vaccine hesitancy.

July, 2015 | Asri Yusrina, Nina Toyamah, Syaikhu Usman, Luhur Bima, Meuthia Rosfadhila, Robert Justin Sodo, Ruhmaniyati , Vita Febriany, Armand Arief Sim
July, 2015 | M. Sulton Mawardi, M. Sulton Mawardi, Syaikhu Usman, Ruhmaniyati , Ana Rosidha Tamyis

Description & Progress

The primary objective of this monitoring study was to provide timely feedback to improve or modify the ongoing program and the expansion of the program.



July, 2015 | Athia Yumna, Sri Budiyati, Yudi Fajar M. Wahyu, Nurmala Selly Saputri, Kartawijaya , Asep Kurniawan

This study intended to provide an initial assessment on its early implementation, focusing mainly on maternal and child health (MCH) issues, in an attempt to provide policy recommendations at the national level.

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