Environment & Climate Change

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, with 17,508 islands and around 81,000 km of coastline. 60% of its 230 million residents live along the coast, with most of Indonesia's poor living along these heavily populated area. These groups are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Many are dependent upon natural resources for their livelihoods, and better information on how climate change will affect them is urgently needed.

SMERU's research in this area focuses on the impact different programs have on Indonesia's poorest and most vulnerable vitizens. The study on environmental management in Kota Pekalongan in Central Java focuses on climate change vulnerability assessment and mapping the use information generated by the CBMS data collection.  SMERU found that the Pekalongan district is highly vulnerable to climate change due to its high exposure to climate-related hazards, especially to coastal inundation.