Labor & Migration

November, 2017 | Joseph Natanael Marshan, Veto Tyas Indrio



Research Findings

From the first part of the study we find that older and less educated individuals are less likely to move out of the agricultural sector.

August, 2017 | Niken Kusumawardhani, Mayang Rizky, Dyan Widyaningsih, Dinar Dwi Prasetyo, Michelle Andrina, Emmy Hermanus





Research Highlight

August, 2016 | Joseph Natanael Marshan, Cecilia Marlina, Hafiz Arfyanto, Veto Tyas Indrio, Rezanti Putri Pramana, Elza Elmira


Research Area

The study will be conducted in two districts—one in East Java Province, and the other in West Nusa Tenggara Province. The sample districts are selected purposefully through ongoing consultation with stakeholders (government at provincial, district, and kecamatan level, NGOs, and the members of ECLT) after taking into account the land area and type of tobacco farming and the profile of child labor at the district level.


Methodology and Data


October, 2015 | Rachma Indah Nurbani, Hariyanti Sadaly, Elza Elmira

This research aims to explore opportunities to increase the profile of unpaid care work in public policy discourse. It is part of a global study on unpaid care work organized by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). The study, which involves Indonesia and Bangladesh, explores different political conditions that have made policymakers acknowledge or neglect the significance of unpaid care work. 

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