Think 20

24 Sep 2022

As the host institution of Task Force 5, SMERU is responsible for leading the selection of policy brief proposals while ensuring the alignment of the briefs with the G20 and T20 agenda.

01 Sep 2022

The primary aim of this parallel session is to inform core leaders within the G20 of the importance of redefining our knowledge regarding inequality, human capital, and well-being issues in order to fully capture how the pandemic has affected our lives. This dialogue will highlight research and policy work on inequality, human capital, and well-being presented by researchers and scientists based in the G20 nations.

21 Jul 2022

This collaboration event between T20 Task Force 5 in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) aims to bring together experts and academics in the field of multidimensional poverty, inequality and wellbeing, to find solutions to the challenges faced by G20 nations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

09 May 2022

The integration of technology in education has been catalyzed by school closures due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. However, significant gaps exist between stakeholders, policymakers, and practitioners with regard to technological capabilities and their knowledge of how technology may bring positive changes, e.g., help reduce teacher workload, promote differential teaching, and support efficient school management and teacher professional development.

07 Apr 2022

Cohosted by The SMERU Research Institute and ADB Institute, this Think20-associated webinar highlighted policy recommendations to build inclusive social protection and resilience in the G20 and Asian Development Bank member economies. 


21 Mar 2022

The SMERU Research Institute (SMERU)–a member of The Think20 (T20) for G20, partnering with Global Summit Solutions (GSS), will organize a webinar that aims to bridge the divide between developing and developed countries in the conversation on the future of work.

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