SMERU Global Network

The SMERU Global Network (SGN) is a networking platform for those who have worked and interned at SMERU. The SGN aims to

  • establish a network of national and international work partners;
  • build professional connections;
  • share experiences and expertise gained at SMERU; and
  • build collaborations in research and training activities, and engagement in policy processes, both between SGN members and with SMERU.

After two decades, SMERU continues to grow and expand its network of collaborations with various stakeholders. Let's stay connected and open opportunities for future cooperation!

You can also tell us about the highlight of your time while working at SMERU here:

If you have any questions, please contact SMERU's communications team by email at



SMERU was the first office where I worked permanently, and I spent approximately 8 years there. It was interesting to join SMERU, a leading research institution, and to get to know about the world of think tanks and research.

I had new experiences and new challenges at SMERU. Getting to know the research world, which was new to me, was very interesting. Supporting great researchers was also a challenge for me. I gained a lot of technical and nontechnical experiences while working at SMERU. The challenges as one of only two IT staff also encouraged me to accelerate in developing my capabilities, including those outside the IT world.

Toni Parwanto
ICT Staff
December 2012–January 2021

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