Liza Hadiz

Head of Publications Department

Liza manages the Publications Department and ensures the overall quality of SMERU’s publications. She develops publications plans and other planning or operational documents to ensure that SMERU’s publications are timely.

Liza also ensures that quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) of SMERU’s publications are carried out in accordance to the Publications Department’s standard operating procedure (SOP). In collaboration with the head of the Publications Section, she initiates or develops tools for optimal writing, editing, and translating, as well as tools for onboarding.

As a senior editor, Liza proofreads publications and organizes internal sessions for SMERU staff on writing, editing, and other publications-related issues as required.

Prior to joining SMERU in 2004 as an editor and translator, Liza worked in a number of women’s NGOs in Jakarta and was an editor for several NGO publications. Liza has edited and co-authored a number of books on gender issues. She has also worked as a program officer for the Asia Foundation’s Women’s Political Participation in Indonesia program and as a program officer for the UN Office for Human Rights, Jakarta.

Universitas Indonesia - S.Sos., sociology

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