Risa Wardatun Nihayah


Risa is a qualitative researcher for the Research on Improving System of Education (RISE) Programme in Indonesia. Currently, she is a research coordinator of two interrelated studies. The first one aims to gain a better understanding about two high performing cities in education with an ethnographic approach. The second aims to understand the spread of education policy innovations in the era of regional autonomy. In addition, she is also involved in two other studies which examine zoning policy at the local level.

Before joining SMERU, Risa worked as a researcher at LabSosio, Center for Sociological Studies, Universitas Indonesia. She was also involved in various social research projects with a number of institutions, such as the Center for Communication Studies, Universitas Indonesia; REDD+ Taskforce; University of Groningen; and the National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN).

In 2012, Risa was selected as a youth delegate of the East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress in South Korea and was granted a full scholarship to actively participate in the event. In the following year, Risa also received a student research grant and completed the University of Tokyo Summer Internship Program (UTSIP) at Graduate School of Frontier Studies, University of Tokyo.

Qualitative research in education and social issues
Erasmus University Rotterdam - M.A., development studies
Universitas Indonesia - S.Sos., sociology

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