Analysis of Digital Skills Development in The Public Sector in Indonesia

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
Policy Research

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved that digital transformation is a must for the public sector. In fact, the initiative to go digital in Indonesia was started when Presidential Instruction No. 3/2003 on National Policy and Strategy on e-Government was issued and later re-intensified in 2018 when Presidential Regulation No. 95/2018 on e-Government was issued. However, it takes digital skills in public sector to implement e-Government. In reality, only limited numbers of government employees have digital skills as explicitly written in Presidential Regulation No. 95/2018. This is in line with the condition in labor market in the country. The study of Amazon Web Service and AlphaBeta (2021) say that 19% of workers have basic digital skills, and 6% have middle level skills. This findings are in line with the recent study of SMERU, Oxford, UNESCAP (2022) highlighting that fewer than 1% of Indonesian workers have advanced digital skills. At the same time, the public sector in many countries cannot compete with the private sector in the war for talent.

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digital skills
Public sector
Civil servant
State civil apparatus
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