Child Poverty and Disparities in Indonesia: Challenges for Inclusive Growth

This report deliberates the multiple dimensions of poverty and disparities faced by children in Indonesia. This report also advocates for poverty reduction policies and programmes that are more child-focused. These analyses and recommendations are aimed at supporting the realization of the rights of all children in Indonesia, as formally guaranteed by the Indonesian Constitution (Undang-Undang Dasar 1945, UUD 1945). This report specifically addresses the problem of a inequalities that persist despite progress at the aggregate or national level. There have been intensified efforts and new policies, plans and programmes aimed at fulfilling the rights of children without discrimination during the last decade in Indonesia. But in spite of this, the size of the country, the unequal distribution of natural resources and infrastructure facilities, the decentralized government and political system it adopts, and the poverty problem have all created inequalities and challenges for the fulfilment of child rights in Indonesia.

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child poverty
multidimensional poverty
poor children
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