A National Snapshot of the Social Impact of Indonesia's Crisis

Policy Research

Even in August 1998, one year into Indonesia’s economic crisis, there were still no new nationally representative data on its social impact. In response to this lack of information, the World Bank, in collaboration with the Ford Foundation and the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), implemented in September—October 1998 a quick turnaround survey in each of the country’s 4000 kecamatan (sub districts). This was intended to inform the targeting of crisis responses, by giving a snapshot indication of the severity of various dimensions (employment, education and social) of crisis impact, and of the regional heterogeneity of the impact across Indonesia.

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Anna Wetterberg
Sudarno Sumarto
Lant Pritchett
Anna Wetterberg
Lant Pritchett
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economic crisis
crisis impact
social impact
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Journal Article