East Java


Moving Out of Poverty: The Case of Desa Branta Pesisir, Kabupaten Pamekasan

Poverty is an extremely complex phenomenon that is linked to many specific factors and contexts. In the present study, the dynamics of poverty – including movements out of poverty – are seen as part of the social mobility that occurs in a community. This study specifically aims to understand why and how a group of people in a community can move out of poverty, while other groups fall into or remain entrapped in poverty.

A Qualitative Study on the Impact of the PNPM-Rural in East Java, West Sumatra, and Southeast Sulawesi


SMERU Researchers
Muhammad Syukri, Sulton Mawardi. Akhmadi, Sirojudin Arif, Kartawijaya, Asep Kurniawan

Regional Researchers

East Java:
Agung Tri Darmawanto, Amelia Nur Puspita, Ari Ratna, Dhany Septimawan Sutopo, Irmia Fitriyah, Joko Purnomo, Mila M. Jamhari, Nashirul Uman, Pantri Muthriana Erza Killian, Tasyhudi, Tri Susanti ,Wiyarsanto

Seeking a Way Out of Poverty In East Java, North Maluku, and West Timor

The study explores the community’s understanding of the condition of their welfare and the experiences associated with the ups and downs of welfare. This report was written based on various reports generated in the two studies of Moving Out of Poverty carried out by SMERU. The main focus of the study is on the movers group, the group of people who managed to improve their welfare, both those who managed to move out of poverty and those who have not yet been able to do so.

The Determinants of Student Performance in Indonesian Public Primary Schools: The Role of Teachers and Schools

In this paper we investigate the determinants of student performance in mathematics and dictation tests among fourth-grade school children in Indonesia. We use a unique dataset of school and student information that was collected in a nationally representative survey of 110 public schools in 8 Indonesian provinces in 2003. Using an OLS regression technique that compensates for heteroskedasticity, we conduct separate sets of student-level regressions for three performance variables: math scores, dictation scores and combined scores.

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